You May Still Be Entitled To Compensation Even Without Car Insurance

In most states, you are required to carry a minimum amount of insurance to be allowed to legally operate a motor vehicle. Therefore, you might wonder what will happen if your insurance policy lapsed and you are injured in an accident. You will definitely need to discuss this with a personal injury attorney. Insurance Required as a Driver You will need bodily injury liability insurance, property damage liability, underinsured motorist bodily injury, and underinsured motorist property damage liability.

Evidence That Can Be Used In A DUI Case

Driving under the influence is considered to be a criminal offense in all states. If you're above the legal set limits of intoxication and the officer in charge determines that you're unfit to drive, you'll have to stand trial.  The consequences of drunk driving can differ from state to state, but there are many overlapping factors. For instance, police have to gather every type of evidence they can get to build a case against you.

3 Ways a DUI Defense Attorney Can Help You Get Your License Back

If it's your first time getting charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, your license may be suspended for up to 180 days. However, having two DUIs in seven years can lead to the revocation of your license. This means that you won't be eligible for a driver's license, but you can schedule a hearing after one year. The requirements to get your license back following the suspension or revocation are demanding, which is why it's necessary to contact a DUI defense attorney.

Why Consult A Lawyer If You Are Injured In A Vehicle Accident?

If you have a minor car accident and get injured, then you might not know whether to make a compensation claim. However, it pays to have an exploratory chat with a vehicle accident lawyer to see where you stand. What are the benefits of hiring a lawyer after an accident? Find Out If You're Eligible For Compensation You might be tempted to let things go if you aren't too badly hurt after your collision.

Should You Hire A Real Estate Closing Attorney?

In most states, you can carry on with a real estate purchase without the help of a lawyer. Still, in some such as Massachusetts and New York, only a lawyer can carry out title searches, prepare and submit legal documents and close the sale. If you are wondering why you need a real estate closing attorney, here are some things you should remember:  You might not fully understand the legal, property purchasing processes