Speed, Accidents, And Injuries: How They Are Related

Speed significantly affects car accidents and can have a profound impact on the level of physical injuries suffered by the victims. The faster a vehicle is traveling at the time of a collision, the more severe the consequences are likely to be. Below, read about some ways in which speed influences car accidents and the resulting injuries. Increased Impact Force The force of impact in a car accident is directly related to the vehicle's speed at the time of the collision.

How Might You Exclude Evidence In A Criminal Case?

A central feature of your right to a fair trial in a criminal case is the opportunity to ask the judge to exclude evidence. If a criminal defense lawyer believes something's wrong with a piece of evidence, they can file a motion to suppress. This is a formal request that the judge bars the prosecution from introducing the evidence at trial. Unsurprisingly, the court will need to know why the motion is the right remedy before the judge will even consider it.

Keep Your Personal Injury Case Off Social Media

When a person has been involved in an incident in which they feel they have been harmed, not only do they have a right to tell their story, but it can often be therapeutic. However, when one person's wrongdoing leads you to a personal injury suit, now is not the time for public discussion. Particularly when it comes to social media, it is very important for anyone filing a claim to keep all parts of their claim offline.

How Can The Workers' Compensation Program Benefit You

It's hard to make a living under normal circumstances for many people, and that can be made even more difficult due to an injury or illness caused by your work. When you are seriously hurt doing your job, it can affect so much of your life that you may find it hard to even enjoy your daily routine. It can affect your ability to work at your job for months, or you might not be able to return to your job.

Hurt By Violence At Work: Know Your Benefits

Though rare, there is always the potential for violence to visit you at work. Coworkers and ex-coworkers can become unstable, customers can freak out, and even supervisors can show up at work armed and ready to shoot whoever gets in their way. When you have been hurt because of violence at work, do you have benefits? Find out more below. What to Expect from Workers' Compensation Your employer likely pays workers' compensation insurance on your behalf.