Tips For Understanding Catastrophic Injury Claims

As personal injury cases go, few are as significant as those for catastrophic injuries. However, knowing what qualifies as a catastrophic injury isn't always easy. If you have suffered an injury that has permanently altered your life, one that is likely to keep you from working in your career, potentially seeking a new career or living the life that you have previously enjoyed, it may qualify as a catastrophic injury. However, to file a case like this, you have to prove that the injury and damages are, in fact, catastrophic.

4 Common Misconceptions About Personal Injury Cases

Pursuing a personal injury claim is a process that many folks don't quite fully understand until they've been through it. There are a lot of misconceptions about how it works, but let's take a look at four of the more pervasive ones. You're Going to Get Your Day in Court As a matter of probability, the fact you most likely will never see the inside of the courtroom while pressing your injury case.

2 Reasons To Hire A Business Lawyer

When you are starting out your new business, there are a lot of things that you'll need so you can get everything done as successfully as possible. One thing you may not think of is going to see a business attorney. There are a lot of good reasons why you should see a lawyer who specializes in business dealings before you get your business up and running.  Setting Up Partnerships

Factors That Determine Eligibility For DUI School Upon Conviction

If you are being tried for DUI (driving under the influence), the judge typically has the discretion to send you to a DUI school as a way of reducing or replacing other harsher penalties. However, a DUI school isn't for everyone; here are some of the factors that determine whether you may get a DUI school as part of your sentence: Prior DUIs DUI school is meant to help you see the error of your ways and help you avoid further DUI.

Who's At Fault? When Normal Human Behavior And Normal Animal Behavior Collide

Recent animal attacks, such as the alligator attack at Disney and the bear attack during a New Mexico marathon, have raised issues about who is at fault (or if anyone is at fault) when a wild animal attacks a human. Sometimes the liability is clear-cut; for example, if the victim ignored specific warning signs and deliberately got into a situation that could lead to an attack. But if you have been injured in an animal attack where there is an extenuating circumstance that doesn't point liability at you, you may be able to get reimbursed for medical costs if liability can be established.