Suing After A Permanent Injury From A Factory Accident

Were you seriously injured while working your factory job because your employer asked you to perform a task for which you are not qualified? For example, were you told to operate dangerous machinery without the proper skills, and ended up losing a limb in the process? The most important thing that you can do in such a situation is to hire a lawyer and not accept any offers from your employer. If your employer's insurance provider attempts to offer a fast settlement, it might be to avoid paying you what is actually deserved for the severity of your injury. You need an industrial lawyer to assist with your case to ensure that your best interest is at heart.

Worker's Compensation Versus Filing a Lawsuit 

Due to the type of industry your employer is operating in, it is likely that worker's compensation insurance is required by law. However, worker's compensation laws vary between states, so your lawyer will verify the laws for your state. Workers who are injured at work can file a worker's compensation claim to get financial help with medical bills and a portion of the wages that were lost. You need a lawyer because you might need to file a lawsuit rather than apply for worker's compensation benefits. A lawsuit will cover aspects of your situation that are not covered by worker's compensation insurance, including the effects on your mental health, as well as the pain and suffering you have endured.

Your Qualifications to the Operate Machinery

When your employer asked you to operate machinery that you do not usually operate, what was your initial response? For example, did you tell your employer that you are not sure if you can operate the machine and he or she forced you to do so anyway? A lawyer will question you regarding your qualifications to operate the machinery that caused your injury, as well as about the work you usually perform at the factory. He or she might also ask if your employer threatened to write you up or terminate your job if you refused to operate the machine.

Verifying the Facts Regarding Your Injury Claim

The easiest way to win a personal injury lawsuit is to present evidence that is difficult for the other party to dispute. A lawyer will verify the information that you provide about how your injury occurred. For example, he or she will find witnesses at your workplace, as well as expert witnesses who can explain how your injury has made it difficult or impossible for you to continue working. A variety of other types of evidence will also be gathered on your behalf.

For more information, consult with an industrial accident attorney