Why Consult A Lawyer If You Are Injured In A Vehicle Accident?

If you have a minor car accident and get injured, then you might not know whether to make a compensation claim. However, it pays to have an exploratory chat with a vehicle accident lawyer to see where you stand.

What are the benefits of hiring a lawyer after an accident?

Find Out If You're Eligible For Compensation

You might be tempted to let things go if you aren't too badly hurt after your collision. However, any injury after an auto accident can leave you with medical and financial problems. Sometimes, these problems develop over time after the original accident. You might not be able to predict what might happen immediately after the incident, so you might not think to take things further. You might assume that you won't be eligible for any compensation.

At this stage, an experienced vehicle accident lawyer can help you assess if you have a case. They have an in-depth understanding of how even a minor injury can impact your life. They can help you decide what to do next.

Avoid Low-Ball Offers

You can deal with the aftermath of an auto accident yourself. You can deal with the insurance company that represents the driver who was at fault. They might even make you an offer. However, an insurer might not take you seriously if you represent yourself. The company will use qualified lawyers to deal with your claim. You can't compete with their expertise.

So, they might make you an offer; however, this might not be the best deal. Insurance companies sometimes offer low-ball settlements to individuals who represent themselves. They hope that a quick offer will encourage you to settle your claim without taking things further.

If you hire a specialist lawyer, the carrier takes your case much more seriously. They're less likely to make low offers as they know you have access to a legal expert who can value your claim more accurately.

Maximize Your Settlement Payment

The settlement money covers different factors of an accident. For example, you could get compensation for medical bills, vehicle repairs, lost earnings, and even pain and suffering. Even if the insurance company acknowledges that you have a case, they aren't going to lay all these possibilities out for you. They'll want to keep their settlement costs as low as possible.

A vehicle accident lawyer knows exactly what your options are here. They make sure that you get as much compensation as possible for every part of your life that was affected by the accident.

To find out more, contact a local vehicle accident law firm, such as Bradley Drendel & Jeanney.