SSDI Denial Reasons That Can Be Reversed

Social Security Disability (SSDI) claim denials are surprisingly common especially when you are applying for the first time. If your claim is denied, you'll need to fully understand the nature of the denial and discuss it closely with a disability attorney.

Your Condition is Not Severe Enough

The SSA will want proof that your injuries are severe enough that you will not be able to work. In some cases, this is clear, such as if you are suffering from a very debilitating condition. However, there are other cases where you'll need help from a disability attorney to prove that your condition is worse than it seems.

Related to this is if you have not supplied enough medical documents. You must provide proof that you have a qualifying medical condition. Make sure to keep all your medical documents from your checkups organized so you will be ready to present them when it's time. Also, speak with your attorney about which documents you'll need to provide so you don't forget anything.

You Aren't Following the Doctor's Orders

It may seem like you are not following the doctor's orders and that this is contributing to the deterioration of your health. However, your doctor might be recommending a treatment that is making you worse or you may have another justified reason, such as a religious belief, that allows you to avoid treatment. If you have undergone a certain number of surgeries without any improvements, you may be able to choose to forgo any future surgeries.

Your Condition Is Due to Drug Use or Alcoholism

If the only reason why you are disabled is that you are addicted to a substance, you will not be entitled to disability benefits for this. You might have a disabling condition alongside your drug addiction that may make you entitled to compensation but you'll need to prove that you're disabled specifically because of this condition. Also, if your condition would improve if you quit your addiction, you will not be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

The SSA Believes That You're Committing Fraud

If the SSA thinks that you are committing fraud, you will not be able to receive compensation for benefits even if you would otherwise be qualified. Also, the SSA is very likely to turn you over to the authorities for you to be prosecuted. However, if you believe you are being falsely accused of fraud, make sure to contact an attorney.