Hurt At A Friend's House Party? Use These Suggestions

Fun can quickly turn to a tragedy at many parties. If you expected an enjoyable night at a friend's house only to be injured because of one or more of them, many thoughts could be racing through your mind. As hospital and doctor bills arrive and your pain continues, you may also start to feel that a friend or two is responsible for helping you deal with what happened. If you're seriously considering a claim or lawsuit against friends, use these suggestions.  

Discover Deadlines

You may still be mulling over your next step. However, for your own sake, you should check with local courts to discover any deadlines that pertain to your situation. You may want to give your friends time to help out or you may need your own time to heal, but waiting could ultimately leave you with no recourse.

Avoid Confrontation

Because of the personal history, you have with people at the party, talking to them and pressing them to assume responsibility for your injury probably seems natural. However, if you've finally decided to take legal action, that can only be troublesome. Emotions can overheat, arguments could break out and further problems are possible. Communication with anyone involved with the house party should be restricted to the letters and calls that go through a personal injury attorney that you've consulted. 

Write Down Memories

Forgetting about your injury is something unlikely to happen. However, it is possible that certain details about your friends' actions during the party fade away from your memory. To keep them present and clear, write them down. If you should remember anything more, that should also be recorded. Your lawyer will advise you about the relevance of these memories.

Call the Cops

Your relationships with the people who caused your injury may prevent you from seeking out law enforcement. If you've not had a police report compiled for you, call now. The police can offer advice and record statements from everyone involved. Not only will your own memories be tracked, but the memories and accounts of everyone at the party. Officers are trained to ask relevant, fact-finding questions so this is likely to assist your claim.

Keep Quiet

You may have other friends who didn't attend the party where you were injured. Rather than put them in the middle of the legal situation, do your best to avoid any talk of the event. Get support from those in your own family and tight circle.

You may not want to sue friends, but if such action becomes more likely as days pass, use these pointers. Your attorney will also have direct, specific tips for you to observe and follow.