Documenting A PTSD Disability Claim? What You Need To Do

Serving in the military is more than a physical battle. This experience can also leave behind extensive psychological and emotional scars, including post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. While a real and valid concern, proving or documenting this type of condition can be somewhat of a challenge. However, for a successful claim, it is a necessary step.  

Prepare A Symptom And Effect Record

Prepare a symptom and effect record. Within this record, you will have someone close to you document your symptoms from PTSD as well as the reaction that they generate. For example, in the event of an episode, the person would record the manner in which you acted or behaved.

To ensure this record is accurate, it's best to have someone work on this record who spends a great deal of time with you, such as someone that lives in the home with you. This record helps create a real-world account of how this condition has an effect on your overall behavior. This is especially important, since PTSD can affect different people differently.

Collect An Extensive Medical Record

Keep an ongoing record of your medical information. When it comes to this file, no piece of information should be considered irrelevant or unimportant. The reason a detailed record is so important is that it helps the review board analyze the severity of your condition.

In addition to a prescription list, scans, and medical images, you should also include any doctor or clinician notes that can be reviewed to help bring validity to your claim. Begin collecting information from your first PTSD-related visit to the time you submit your claim.

Request A Functional Capacity Form

As previously explained, PTSD can affect each person differently. However, for your claim to be successful, the review board needs to understand exactly how this condition affects you, as well as how it inhibits your ability to function as you previously did. A functional capacity form can outline this information.

A functional capacity form is a document prepared by your physician, therapist or other medical professional. Within the document, the professional will highlight the key traits of your condition and how it has an effect on your life, both professional and personal. To finalize the letter, medical records and other scientific data are used to support their claims.

Remember, how well you document your claim will be directly reflected in the overall success of your claim for Social Security disability. Make sure you are doing your part to prepare a thorough claim for your condition.