Four Ways An Insurance Company May Attempt To Deny Your Personal Injury Claim

If you are injured in a car accident and file a claim with the other driver's insurance company, there are several ways a claims adjuster may attempt to reject your claim or reduce the amount of your compensation. Insurance companies are notorious for not wanting to pay out money, and although there are many people who try to get more money than they are entitled to, insurance companies treat every claim as if people are trying to steal from them. The following are four explanations you are likely to hear concerning your personal injury claim.

You have a preexisting injury

Sometimes your claim can be rejected because the insurance company will claim that your injury existed prior to the at accident. At other times they may claim that the injury simply made a preexisting condition slightly worse and reduce the amount of your compensation. In either situation, you need an attorney to fight for you.

You didn't seek medical help

Although you should see a doctor after an accident, the truth is that some injuries are not readily apparent. It is not uncommon for people to have been injured and not realize it until a few days after the collision. In addition, there may not have been any note of an injury in the police report. Insurance companies will often use a police report against you to deny a claim.

There was no injury found at the hospital

if you did see a doctor after the accident, but nothing was found wrong with you, an insurance company may use this against you. But even a doctor may not catch that medical problem after the accident. They are looking for obvious signs of trauma and any complaints you may have. Back injuries, for example, are difficult to diagnose and may not manifest themselves immediately.

There was no police report filed

In general, unless the property damage reaches a certain value or there was a serious injury at the scene of the accident, a police report may not be filed. But it is possible for a small fender bender to create an injury that needs the attention of a doctor. An injury from a small collision can be serious enough to require months of healing. Just because there was no police report filed does not mean that you are not entitled to compensation. A personal injury attorney is likely to be helpful in cases like this.

If you have been injured in an accident, you should get an attorney as soon as possible. However, if your claim was already rejected, you should still seek legal assistance. Or if you have been offered a settlement amount, do not sign any documents or endorse a check. Call a personal injury attorney first.