Steps For A Successful Disability Application For Mental Illness

It's quite possible to get accepted for social security disability with a mental illness rather than a physical one. Here are some steps to take to create a good claim. 

Get Advice on Whether You'll Qualify

Before you put in the effort to file a social security application, you may want to speak with a representative to see whether you would be likely to qualify. For mental illness claims, this depends on whether the mental illness truly keeps you from holding a job and functioning in an every day setting. There are a few people that you can ask for help. A social security disability lawyer is a great resource. There are also appointed representatives that you can hire to represent your social security disability claim and advise you on how to proceed. 

Hire a Lawyer

If you decide to proceed with filing a claim, hire a social security disability lawyer. They will help to keep track of the paperwork for you and follow up on any documents that you need to collect. The lawyer may work on a contingency basis, so they only take a commission if your social security application is successful. 

Get Evaluated By a Professional

If you are living with mental illness, you may already have a regular care provider who can provide some insight into your condition. Collect any medical records that you already have that show evidence of your mental impairment. If you don't already have a formal diagnosis of your mental illness, then you'll need to get one in order to proceed with your disability claim. 

Collect Evidence

Your social security disability lawyer can do most of the grunt work to put together the evidence for your claim. This may include medical evaluations and appointment records, letters from previous employers (especially if you were fired), evidence that you have tried to work but been unsuccessful, and also relevant information about how your daily life is affected by your mental illness. 

File an Application and Follow Up Closely

Once you have gathered the evidence for your disability application, your lawyer will help you fill out the paperwork correctly. Stay tuned, because you may need to provide additional documents to support your claim. The process may take several months to complete. If you are unsuccessful on the first round, it may be valuable to file an appeal of your claim within the given timeframe. 

For more information and advice, talk with a social security disability lawyer, such as Paul F Guthrie, directly.