Proper Etiquette When It Comes To Working With Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a crime, it is important to source a criminal defense lawyer that can you help defend your case. While finding an experienced lawyer is important, there are things that you need to be aware of when it comes to working with your lawyer. Here are four things to remember when it comes to your lawyer and proper etiquette you should follow as a client.

1. Act Fast When Sourcing a Lawyer

Many times criminal cases need to have documents filed, pleas worked on, or court cases set quickly. Don't put your attorney in the lurch by approaching them weeks after you have been charged. Immediately after you have been charged with a crime, start searching for a lawyer that can represent you. This will ensure that your case gets off the ground and handled under the correct guidelines and time constraints.

2. Come Prepared to Your First Meeting

If you are wrapped up in criminal charges, don't make your lawyer start from square one. Gather what you can on police records, witnesses or any other factors that will come into play to help your case. Your lawyer may have further requests after you meet or have their own follow up for your case, but they shouldn't have to gather initial evidence that you can provide right away.

3. Work out Payment Details

A good lawyer will get payment schedules and options squared away on day one. Be sure you are clear on the terms and that you can honestly meet your criminal attorney's rates. If you are worried that pricing may be too steep or the payment schedule isn't ideal, many times lawyers have creative options or ideas to help with payments.  

4. Don't Keep Your Past a Secret

Another area where honesty will come into play with your lawyer will be letting them know of any past transgressions you might have. It isn't fair for your lawyer to find out in court about other troubles you have had with the law or questionable acts from your past. If they have all information ahead of time, they will be ready to defend you and get you the best outcome possible from your criminal charges.

Your criminal defense lawyer will be there to work hard for you and hopefully lessen charges or have them thrown out. They can only do so much without your help. Make sure that you play an active part in your criminal case and help your lawyer achieve a successful outcome.

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