Two Common Myths About Divoce

Divorcing from your spouse can be one of the most difficult tasks that you will ever have to do. This task can be made even harder because there is a lot of misinformation that many people assume is true. In particular, you may believe that the following two myths about divorce, but after learning the truth, you will be in a better position to navigate this complicated legal task. 

Myth: It Is Always Difficult To Change Your Name Following A Divorce

One of the more commonly held notions is that reclaiming your maiden name can be a difficult and expensive task. However, this is an important part of getting closure from your previous marriage. Fortunately, it should be noted that getting your maiden name back does not have to be a difficult process. 

It is often possible for your attorney to attach a motion to the final divorce decree that reverts your name back to what it was before you married. Once the judge signs this document, your name will legally be restored, and you will be provided with a copy of the court order that you can provide to obtain new identification. 

Myth: Divorce Attorneys Are Always Very Expensive To Hire

One of the more common concerns that people have when hiring a divorce attorney is the cost. Many people assume that they will need to pay their attorney an expensive hourly rate. While it is true that this is how many of these professionals charge their clients, you should be aware that there are many attorneys that will charge a flat fee for these services. Generally, your divorce has to be uncontested to use this option.

In instances where your divorce is contested, you may have no other choice but to hire an attorney that charges hourly. Fortunately, many of these professionals will work with their clients to create a payment plan that will allow them to enjoy the benefits of experienced representation without experiencing a crushing financial burden. Usually, you will be required to make a monthly payment throughout the divorce process. 

Experiencing divorce is likely going to be one of the more stressful and painful things that you will ever have to go through. Yet, the stakes are extremely high during these proceedings, and it is vital for you to be well-informed about this process. By clearing up these two common misconceptions, you should be in a much better position to understand this process and what you should expect from it. For more information, check out sites like