Joint Custody And Factors To Think Of For Kids In School

If you are going through custody negotiations and you have children that are in the K-12 school system, it's important to take their educational needs into account. The courts and your attorney will take a hard look at school needs when coming up with the best custody schedule for parents and children. Here are four things to keep in mind when it comes to your child's educational needs in regards to custody.

1. Factoring In School Districts

If you and your separated spouse live in different school districts, looking into which location might provide the best education and experience for your children should be a factor. Keep in mind that if another school district might be a better fit for your children, this can actually come up as a point of contention in court. Bringing up your child's education to your family law attorney if school districts might be in your favor will ensure that this is brought to light during proceedings.

2. What Is The Least Disruptive For Children Educationally

If your children have been flourishing at their current school, taking them out purely for sole custody might be too disruptive. Children are dealing with divorce as well, and anything kept constant, such as community and schools, will make a difference. Especially for older children, good influences such as sports, activities and friendships at school can keep grades up.

3. Work And Personal Commitments

Depending on the location of schools and transportation efforts needed, parental work schedules and availability can be a factor in custody. The parent with the most time to devote to educational needs, such as availability to help with studies and after school activities may offer the most supportive environment. If you are the parent that commits the most time to your child's education, your family law attorney will be able to showcase that you should be granted primary custody.

4. An Older Child's Wants Versus What May Be Best

If your children are older, they will be asked what they perceive as best for them in a separation case. If you can prove that their educational goals are more important and a move can bring more opportunity, this will bolster your case. As the parent, you need to research what is best educationally for your child.

Despite the limitations that can come with the educational priorities of school-aged children, respecting this time in their life during your divorce is important. If a child is ultimately better off in your care because of school arrangements, a divorce law attorney can offer up alternatives such as summer visitations or weekend custody to your separated spouse.  

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