3 Reasons You Need A DUI Attorney After You've Been Pulled Over

If you got pulled over and you are being convicted of driving under the influence, its best you call a lawyer, such as Russ Jones Attorney At Law, before you talk with the police. If you think that there was a mistake, or you want to get an opinion about your case, a lawyer that specializes in DUI cases is the best for the job. Here are a few reasons you may need a lawyer.

You Want a Plea Bargain

If you failed a sobriety test when you were pulled over, and you blew over the legal limit when you were forced to use a breathalyzer, you may want a plea bargain. This is where you work out a deal with the prosecution, and you plead guilty to a lesser charge. A lawyer can help you with this, and they can work with the prosecution to get the charged dropped.

It can be difficult to manage your own plea bargain, and the prosecution may not be willing to work directly with you. A DUI lawyer is the best professional to arrange a plea.

You Need Evidence  

The breathalyzer machines aren't always accurate, and you may want to file an order to have the machine you were forced to breathe into tested. You want to call a DUI lawyer right away, so they can file an order to have the machine tested, and to see if it has been calibrated. The machines have to be calibrated regularly for accuracy, and if it's past due, it can't be used against you in court.

You Think You Were Being Discriminated Against

Did you pass the sobriety tests that you had to take outside of the vehicle when you were pulled over, but the officer insisted on having you take a breathalyzer, or bringing you in? Do you think that they did this because of your gender, age or race? If so, your lawyer may want to proceed with suspicion that you were being discriminated against, and the case may be dropped.

The lawyer will be able to gather your evidence quickly and come up with a game plan to get the DUI charged reduced, so you don't lose your license or end up in jail. There are a lot of different ways your lawyer may be able to spin the case, or may be able to get you out of the charged. Don't make any statements to the police or admit to anything, and get legal representation fast.